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Ten Reasons Trump Nailed it with VP Choice Mike Pence‏

Donald Trump hit the nail on the head when he chose Governor Mike Pence (Indiana) as his running mate. When Alton and I heard the names on his list of four, we were praying Pence would be the one. The fact that Trump appointed a governor who did not support him in the primary, shows […]

My Interview on Atlanta Live about Finding True Freedom

My Interview with Laura Harris Smith about her 30 Day Faith Detox

LAURA HARRIS SMITH TALKS NEW BOOK | ‘THE 30-DAY FAITH DETOX’ – Author Laura Harris Smith tells SCH about her latest book that is leaping off shelves – ‘THE 30 DAY FAITH DETOX.’ SCH Editor at Large, Ginny Dent Brant, reports Smith’s strategy of detoxing our faith by renewing our minds, cleansing our bodies and […]