CHUCK COLSON – “A moving story of how God took this political pioneer and turned him into a gentle saint. ”

GOVERNOR MIKE HUCKABEE – “A remarkable and touching story of the relationship between Harry Dent, a trailblazing republican who shaped the conservative base in the South, and his daughter, Ginny,  which reminds us once again of the importance of faith in God, family, and living in a free country.”

SENATOR JIM DEMINT  –  “From his early fight for freedom in the political arena to the spiritual freedom he discovered later in life, Harry Dent was an inspiring leader.”

DR. AVERY WILLIS“Ginny Brant has written a fascinating story of her father, Harry Dent, as he moves from a political strategist to a kingdom strategist.”

ROBERTSON MCQUILKIN – “Here, intertwined with her own fascinating story, Ginny Brant, tells the story of a famous father whom she wooed into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. It was a transformation that changed a political mover and shaker into a power for God’s kingdom. You’ll be drawn to join the dance of father and daughter.

DR. JOSEF TSON – “In nine short years Harry Dent did more for the Romanian people than any other American I know. We, the Romanians, treasure his memory, and we thank Ginny for the full story of her father.”

– “A fascinating and intimate insider’s perspective of a youth living in the shadows of the halls of secular power-brokering, and a journey toward discovering an entirely new perspective with more transcendent, eternal values.” (Adrian Rogers Institute)

CONGRESSMAN J.C. WATTS – “Harry Dent worked with presidents and world leaders, but his greatest impact was as a humble servant who helped to lead so many to Christ.”

THE LATE ROGER MILLIKEN – “This is a must-read for all who value freedom in a day when our freedoms are gradually disappearing.”

BOBBYE RANKIN (wife of Dr. Jerry Rankin, President of the International Mission Board of the SBC) – “Rarely is such a well documented book written which so poignantly speaks to the political arena, to family values and to worldwide ministries of eternal significance. Beware. After perusing the book, one likely will be challenged to reevaluate priorities, aim higher and invest life and energy in a cause of eternal significance.”

KEN AND PAULA HEMPHILL – “This family’s investment in the kingdom of God has impacted lives from Richmond to Romania.”

NANCY MCGUIRK (Author, Bible teacher) – “Most of us have a loved who we desperately want to know Christ. This book is a powerful testimony of how God wants to use loving Christians to influence their family members for Christ.”

DR. REVEREND JOHN GUEST – “What was evident  about Harry Dent was his earnest love of the Lord Jesus and of the Romanian people.  As his daughter Ginny has captured in writing of the life of her Father, she introduces you to the miracle of his life and legacy-up close and personal.”

BRYANT AND ANNE WRIGHT (Pastor and First Lady of Johnsons Ferry and President of the SBC) – “Ginny writes with tenderness of her father, whom I admired as a teenager. Bryant and I both remember fondly when he preached-at Johnson’s Ferry-of the change Christ had made in his life.”