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Others might sidestep the issues of sorrow and grief; Ginny intentionally walks into the middle of it. She takes you by the hand with humor and exposes a deeper world, which we all must travel.  She allows you to stand with her in that “in between” place where you look toward hope while life is not what you expected it to be. Her struggles, honesty and survival are presented so that others might find their way too.

DR, ED CARNEY, Pastor of Riverland Hills Baptist, Columbia, SC


Ginny is an excellent communicator who draws her audience with transparency and wit as she speaks of the transformation of her life and her father’s—Harry S. Dent. Listeners will be left in awe anew at God’s amazing grace.

DR. ASHLEY ALLEN, Director of Women’s Ministry for the NC Baptist Assoc.


Our ladies exclaimed, “Best speaker we’ve ever had!” Ginny is captivating, dynamic and personable. Her father-daughter remarkable story of transformation to faith and missions will inspire any great commission church.

PAM BLUME, Director of Women’s Ministry at Mt. Vernon Baptist in Boone, NC


With humor, historical facts, and Scripture, Ginny Dent Brant brings a compelling story of forgiveness and redemption that will resonate with your students and motivate them to receive and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

DR. RICK BREWER, President of Louisiana College, formerly at CSU


Ginny is a Southern lady with traditional, conservative values, a strong political heritage, and a solid Christian faith, who will bless you as she shares her amazing father-daughter testimony.

DR. HARRIS MALCOM, State Missionary for Georgia Baptist Convention, and PHYLLIS MALCOM (Kirk Cameron’s parents in the “Fireproof” movie.)


Like her late father, Harry Dent, Ginny Dent Brant is a highly skilled communicator of God’s Word. She is a wonderful student and teacher of God’s Word.

JACK MOORE, Senior Pastor, Charleston Baptist Church


Ginny Brant’s story of redemption and freedom is captivating. She has a unique ability to transcend age and audience. What does freedom really mean? Few public speakers have Ginny’s ability to describe it so succinctly.

MATT MOORE, Chairman of the SC Republican Party


Ginny was our featured speaker for First Foundations 25th anniversary luncheon. Her message on the family was excellent and well-received. It is a pleasure to recommend Ginny as a inspiring speaker.

DICK JENSEN, President of First Foundations, Inc.


Ginny Brant is a energetic and gifted speaker. We are always excited to have her engage with our students and impact our campus with her dynamic presentations and high energy.

DR. ROBERT M. MYERS, President of Toccoa Falls College


The Crystal Cathedral in California

First Foundations Banquet in Greenville, SC with Cong. Jeff Duncan

Mt. Vernon Baptist Missions Banquet – Festival of Tables,

First Ladies Tea at the SC Presidential Debates 2011

Eastlan Baptist 10:30 service in Greenville, SC (televised)

Chapels at Columbia International University, Charleston Southern University, North Greenville University, and Toccoa Fall College

Shandon Baptist  in Columbia, SC

Retreat for Alaska Baptist Convention Women in Palmer, Alaska

Brushy Creek Baptist Christmas Banquet in Taylors, SC

Rock Hill First Baptist Church

Baptist Communicators Association Event at Ridgecrest, NC

Toccoa Falls College Baccalaureate Service

Journey Church Ladies Night, Summerville, SC

Women to Women Retreat at Springmaid, Myrtle Beach

Interview on Atlanta Live at WACT-TV  Channel 57 in Atlanta

Providence Presbyterian Women’s Luncheon, Hilton Head Country Club

Riverland Hills Baptist Church Ladies Night Out, Irmo, SC



September 17,2017  Roebuck Baptist Deaf Ministry

October 21, 2017      North Charleston Single Mom’s Event

December 15, 2017  Hawaii Pacific Baptist Women’s Luncheon

April 1, 2018  Lake Keowee Sunrise Service

January 26, 2019  Fair Lawn UMC in Columbia, SC Mother Daughter Banquet

February 1-2, 2019  First Baptist Mt. Pleasant Ladies Retreat, Bluffton, SC

March 14, 2019  Ladies Celebration at Boiling Springs Baptist, Spartanburg SC


Speaking Topics

From Modeling Fashion to Modeling Christ
Have you ever wondered, “Why did Got put me on this earth?” Ginny was on her way to achieving her dreams as a model when God transformed her and gave her a new dream of modeling Him to the world. Discover how you can be salt and light and make an impact in this world. (for youth)

My Testimony

Missions is the Heartbeat of God
Do you believe missions and ministry is for a chosen few? Ginny and her dad achieved worldly success but were blind to God’s perspective. After her conversion, her father blocked her path fearing she might become a missionary, but ironically he became that missionary. Discover how God can use you to minister right where you are for missions is the heartbeat of God. (for mature Christians)

For Heaven’s Sake: Winning Your Family and Friends to Christ
Do you have a loved one you want to see in Heaven, but don’t know how to do it? Ginny shares how to win them to Christ without hitting them over the head with the Bible, and how God answered her prayers for her family far exceeding her wildest dreams.

Success is a Verb
The world and God have two different definitions of success. In this presentation, Ginny explores four keys to achieving success in God’s kingdom as we break away from this world’s mold and actively pursue God’s will in our lives. (College Audiences)

The Struggle is Real: Six Biblical Principles for Dealing with Tough Times
Stress and heartaches …  we are either dealing with one, just finished dealing with one, or one’s about to rear its ugly head. Ginny shares six Biblical principles to help believers live above circumstances when those struggles come our way.

Living Life with Kingdom Priorities
This world entangles us in its web of self-centeredness, but the Bible teaches that we are to seek first His kingdom—not ours. This presentation shows how our country, which was founded on Biblical principles, has veered, and how we can restore our lives with kingdom priorities.

Raising Well-Rounded Kids for the Kingdom
Children mature physically, emotionally, academically, and spiritually. These four ways are interconnected as children develop. After 32 years as an educator, Ginny will shed light on how these areas relate, and how parents can use them to raise successful kids for God’s kingdom.

Kingdom Plans in Our Lives
Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God knows the plan He has for us. Ginny traces the threads of God’s sovereignty and explores how He is presently at work through every experience of our lives. God is weaving a tapestry in our lives that will one day make sense.

Getting Back to the Basics of Life
Tired of suffering from illness, depression and fatigue? This former “Junk Food Queen” motivates us to prevent lifestyle diseases by sharing personal experiences, wisdom from God’s Word and fascinating medical information. Ginny challenges us to get back to the basics of exercise, diet, hydration, and rest—disciplines our society has forgotten, so we can restore our bodies.

The Family: God’s Original Design to Reach this World
What do you do when your family is in shambles? When Ginny found herself at age sixteen in this hopeless situation, she discovered prayer to be her best weapon. This honest message reveals God’s design for the family and how He can restore any broken family and use them for His kingdom.

For Dad’s Only
Being a dad is the most important job any man will ever have. Ginny’s father learned some painful lessons after realizing he had done more to keep the President’s White House in order than his own house.  Every dad from the White House to sports fields needs to hear this testimony of how our God gives second chances when men desire to be the father and husband God ordains you to be.

Fanning the Flames of Freedom 
Read the headlines—our freedoms are waning. From her travels in countries with limited freedoms and her childhood in DC, Ginny traces the beginnings of this country, her father’s fight for freedom, and our movement towards government control at the expense of world missions. She explores where to find safety, and what we can do to keep the flames of freedom burning.


Conference Topics

Finding True Freedom 
Have you wondered why God created you? Life has taught Ginny that true freedom is found in finding and following God’s will for our lives. These sessions explore why God created you, getting on mission with Him, and using your gifts to serve His Kingdom so you can find true freedom.

Finding Beauty and Blessings in the Kingdom of God
God’s ways are not our ways and we often miss out on what He values due to our obsession with worldly values. These sessions explore the beautiful attitudes and blessings of God’s Kingdom in the Beatitudes, while challenging us to live more like Christ.

More Depth on The Struggle is Real: Six Biblical Principles for Dealing with Tough Times
Stress and heartaches …  we are either dealing with one, just finished dealing with one, or one’s about to rear its ugly head. Ginny shares six Biblical principles to help believers live above circumstances when those struggles come our way. I will integrate these principles with research and dive deeper into each while spending time on the results of anger, stress, and unforgiveness.

More Depth into the Basics of Life
Sick and tired of being sick and tired? This former “Junk Food Queen” gives us a deeper dive into the basics of health many of us have forgotten—exercise, diet, hydration, and rest. Sharing from her own personal failures, wisdom from God’s Word, and fascinating medical information, Ginny reveals how these basics help us prevent many lifestyle diseases that threaten us today.

Raising Well-rounded Kids for the Kingdom 
There’s never been a tougher time to raise children in America. After exploring four ways children mature and how parents can influence these areas, Ginny also expands these areas with the following sessions:  Building a Strong Tower of Self-Esteem; Raising Responsible Kids; Developing Character God’s Way; and Protecting Your Kids from this Toxic Culture. (For Parents)

I would be honored to speak to your church or group on the following topics. I can also prepare a topic or retreat to meet your needs. For speaking requests, please use my contact page. You may also contact Christian Speaker Services-CSS listed below or the The Robinson Agency at 1-800-782-2995.

Thank you! – Ginny