Finding True Freedom

From The White House to the World

My life has taught me that my faith comes first and defines my life. My faith affects my family and my devotion to my family defines my character. My life has been a quest for spiritual freedom. I value my earthly freedom as my gift from God which enables me to do His will. My spiritual freedom in Christ can never be taken away. I’m heaven bound realizing that only what’s done for Christ will matter forever.

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A_D_-The-Bible-Continuesmark and roma holding hands

NASHVILLE (BP) — Actress and producer Roma Downey and reality TV show producer Mark Burnett shared with media professionals about the making of “A.D.: The Bible Continues,” their follow-up project to the popular TV series “The Bible.”

The newest series is a 12-part continuation of The Bible that portrays the history of the early church according to the first 10 chapters of Acts. The series will air on NBC beginning Easter, April 5. Filmed in Morocco, A.D. will delve into the book of Acts in an effort to show the humanity and true character of the apostles, as well as their devotion to take the Gospel to the world no matter the cost. The persecution of the early church and its growth are also highlighted.

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Brian as convict

After the phenomenal success of God’s Not Dead (110 million worldwide) which explored and validated the existence of God, Pure Flix will release a follow-up which takes Christianity to another level . . . the Cross. The film Do You Believe? leaves each viewer the question, “Do you believe?” And if you do, “What are you going to do about it?” With an award-winning cast, another appearance by The Newsboys singing “We Believe,” and the largest production budget of Pure Flix to date, this film will also feature former pro football player Brian “Boz” Bosworth, cast in a touching role he’s never played before. Click here to read article.

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Dr. Tony Tyrone Evans is a respected pastor, teacher, author, broadcaster, and speaker. He serves as a role model to many, but especially pastors and fathers. Dr. Evans promotes a kingdom agenda that teaches God’s comprehensive rule over every sphere of life—including the family. Known as the chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks, his first chaplaincy has always been as a father. Dr. Evans and his wife, Lois, are thankful for their blessings of family and faith at Thanksgiving, and they have successfully used their dinner table on a daily basis to cultivate their faith in their own children. Click here to view article:

Ginny Dent Brant Eulogy For Betty Dent


LEFT BEHIND KEY ART FINAL JULY 9Left Behind is based on the New York Times bestselling “Left Behind” book series, co-authored by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, which has sold more than 65 million worldwide. Stoney Lake Entertainment CEO Paul Lalonde, the screenwriter and producer, has chosen director Vic Armstrong and actor Nicolas Cage to remake this apocalyptic action-adventure film about the Rapture that Lalonde and his brother Peter Lalonde originally produced in 2001.Read More