Finding True Freedom

From The White House to the World

My life has taught me that my faith comes first and defines my life. My faith affects my family and my devotion to my family defines my character. My life has been a quest for spiritual freedom. I value my earthly freedom as my gift from God which enables me to do His will. My spiritual freedom in Christ can never be taken away. I’m heaven bound realizing that only what’s done for Christ will matter forever.

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Author and TV host Ann White knows firsthand that courage begins with one fearless choice. As a Bible study teacher at First Baptist Woodstock with a seemingly perfect life, she made the choice to address the issues that were plaguing her life and marriage. Ann shares her transparent journey that enabled her to face her past, make fearless choices, and find joy in God’s freedom and grace in her new book, 7 STEPS TO COURAGE. Click here to read interview.

Author Christy-Wilson-Beam-Sonoma Christian Home

The film Miracles From Heaven is based on the incredible, true story of Christy Beam and her family’s journey of faith, as they are faced with losing their daughter to an incurable disease. What parent cannot identify with the pain and struggle of watching their child suffer, feeling hopeless to save them? As a family, their faith is tested only to see that miracles are all around them every day—big ones and small ones. Click here to read interview.

Priscilla Shier in War Room breaks box office records for faith based films in Hollywood. Number one at the box office earning over 65 million in the first two weeks in selected theaters.

Priscilla Shirer, a New York Times best-selling author, speaker, Bible teacher, and founder of Going Beyond Ministries, believes in the power of strategic prayer. But when Alex and Stephen Kendrick approached her about playing the lead in War Room, her first reaction was shock, laughter, and a resounding, “No, you’ve got to be kidding,” she said. Priscilla immediately directed them to real actors and actresses. Click here to read article.

war room

Alex and Stephen Kendrick’s fifth faith-based drama War Room is scheduled to release August 28, 2015. After films on marriage, fatherhood, and faith-based living, this one focuses on prayer, mentoring and discipleship. With spiritual battles encompassing us, Christians often forget that we must fight our battles on our knees. This film features New York Times bestselling author Priscilla Shirer in her debut role as a wife who learns that prayer is a powerful weapon. Click here to read article.